About Our School

About Cloverly Elementary

School History

ces clipartCloverly Elementary School was originally built in 1961 and later closed in 1983 due to a significant reduction in student enrollment. Cloverly was later renovated and reopened in 1989, with additional classrooms and storage and office spaces. Our state-of-the-art gymnasium was built in 2008.

Cloverly educates 500 plus students from Pre-K through 5th grade living in the Silver Spring/Ashton area of Montgomery County. Following fifth grade, our students matriculate to Briggs Chaney or Farquhar Middle Schools. As a part of the Northeast Consortium, students may choose to attend Springbrook, Paintbranch, or Blake High Schools.

Our staff is highly dedicated to academic excellence and continuous improvement. There are 78 administrative, guidance, teaching, and support positions. The full-time professional staff consists of 36 staff members, approximately 90% hold or are working towards a Master’s degree. Cloverly ES is part of the Montgomery County (Maryland) school system, the 16th largest school system in the United States, located in the Washington D.C. suburbs. We are part of the Northeast Consortium.

Our Mission Statement

The Cloverly school community is dedicated to ensuring success for every student in an inclusive, caring environment.

Core Values

We are team players who value integrity, compassion, respect, communication, and excellence.

Academic Programs

  • General Education Program (all grades)
  • Accelerated and Enriched Instruction (all grades)
  • Special Education Resource (for qualified students in grades K-5)
  • PEP and PEP Inc (for qualified pre-school students ages 3 and 4)
  • PEP Pilot (for pre-school students ages 3 and 4 in an inclusion setting)
  • Autism (for qualified students in grades K-5)
  • ESOL (for qualified students in grades Pre-K-5)

Highlights and Events

  • Cloverly CARE program
  • Safety Patrols and Fifth Grade Student Jobs
  • SERT
  • Annual 5th Grade Musical
  • Winter and Spring Music Concerts
  • Student Government Association
  • Reading Night
  • STEAM Night