Edline Information

Edline is Roberto Clemente's online grade reporting system. It allows students and parents to access current grades and assignments online, using a password protected system.

Need Help?

  • Edline activation or access
    • If you have a question about accessing Edline, contact staff member Sascha Simkanich by email. Mr. Simkanich can be reached at Sascha_J_Simkanich@mcpsmd.org.  
  • Grades or other information posted on a teacher's Edline web page
    • Contact the teacher directly.
    • Send an email directly to the teacher by clicking the link on her/his web page.


Edline is configured to allow for both a student account and a parent account. A student should use his/her assigned accout (not a parent account). parents should use their assigned account(s) (not a student account).

An online copy of the Edline User's guide for parents is available HERE.