7th Grade Information


Scott Smith


Nancy Fiallo
Nicole Walter

Team Leaders

Cassie Claxton-Gall

Andre Wise

7th Grade is an important transitional year for middle school students.  They have adjusted to the routines of using lockers and navigating the hallways, and they may now be ready to play a larger role in the community here at Clemente.  As 7th graders, they can finally participate in our school athletic teams in the fall, winter, or spring.  They may also qualify to join the National Junior Honor Society, and they may simply feel more comfortable and want to join one of the many after-school activities we have for all of our students.  Whatever they choose, 7th grade is a year of tremendous growth for students, a year where they will move toward preparing for high school.

Our Role

As team leaders, we will support the students in making good decisions and reaching their potential as they navigate the complicated middle year of middle school. We will each be a voice of reason and a listening ear, and we, along with all of the other teachers, will help our 7th grade students learn and grow.  We will work with them to develop an awareness of the community around them, as well as their individual place in that community.  We will work to inspire a love of learning and a curiosity about how to make the surrounding world better.  Together, we will do everything we can to ensure success for all of our students as they complete their 7th grade year, for, "Together, We Are Clemente."

Members of the 7th Grade Team

Clark, Chris

Maxey, Jason

Claxton-Gall, Cassie

Monroe, Kim

DeCastro, Erin

Moore, Anginise

Fetner, Patti

Orens, Karen

Gabriel, Garyn

Quackenbush, Susan

Gray, Richard

Smith, Kelly

Grimes, Rebecca

Sneddon, Heather

Hill, Dave

Vasco, Patricia

Holley, Clinton

Warner, Brad

John, Bernadette

Wise, Andre

Linkins, Susie

Yondou, Serge

Mahon, Heather

Young, Greg

Man, Melisa


MYP In-school Field Trip

In December, 7th Grade students will "Journey through Africa" through an all-day, in-school field trip that will allow students to experience the diverse cultures across the wonderful, vibrant continent of Africa.  "Journey through Africa" is a cross-curricular event where students will experience a performance, will hear volunteer speakers in the classrooms, and will participate in a wide variety of activities, including making a cow-tail switch.  They round out the day with a wonderful Kenyan lunch from a top-rated African restaurant.  This is a day when 7th graders are given the opportunity to develop their curiosity about the world around them, a day that aims to encourage them to solidify their intentions to become the global citizens the world needs them to be.

7th Grade Resources


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