Humanities and Communications

The program offers students intensive courses in writing and opportunities for written products to be published and broadcast through a variety of media, such as television, radio, and film. Students create position papers, plays, brochures, magazine articles, and research papers. The program also offers hands-on opportunities to work as a member of a production team in the program’s television studios. Students work in teams as performers, cinematographers, producers, directors, audio engineers, editors, and graphic artists. Students will study the human experience through analysis of historical events, literature, and art. Additionally, students will learn to document the human experience through written and visual media.

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Applying to the Program 

Student Qualities

The two center programs (Math Science and Humanities) are designed for highly able students who desire to be further challenged academically and are ready to be actively involved in their own learning with a group of their intellectual peers. Students in both programs exhibit a high level of curiosity, analytical thinking, and imagination.


Upcounty Center for the Highly Gifted

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