Ms. Rose S. Alvarez, Assistant Principal

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About Me:  

I am entering my fourteenth year in Montgomery County Public Schools and my fourth at Roberto Clemente School.  Silver Spring is my hometown and I live there still, with my husband Mario, 12 year-old son Pierre, and 14 year-old daughter, Gabriela. As a small child, my family and I lived in Rome for three years and when we returned to Silver Spring, I attended Montgomery County Public Schools. As a teenager, I moved with my parents to San Francisco where I graduated from high school. I earned a Bachelor's in Economics with a minor in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. After college, I returned to the Washington, DC area to work as a strategic change government consultant for federal government agencies, including the US Agency for International Development (USAID).  While working for USAID, I visited countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia to support local staff with their economic and political development work. I was deeply inspired by the efforts of local nation staff working to improve the educational systems in their countries, as education is a key driver of both economic and political development.  On September 11 th, 2001, I traveled to Bamako, Mali for work and when the plane landed I learned of the attacks in the US. Our work in Mali went forward, and over the next two weeks, I reflected on my life and gained a sense of clarity which helped me make two big decisions.  I decided that I wanted to start a family and that educating youth in my own community was my life's purpose. Four months later, I walked into a seventh grade classroom and taught my first lesson as a mathematics long-term substitute. Since that time, I earned a Masters of Arts in Secondary Mathematics education and a certification in School Supervision and Administration from Johns Hopkins University. As an educator, I taught both middle and high school mathematics and lead both middle and high school mathematics departments. Being an assistant principal at Roberto Clemente Middle School is a source of great pride for me and my entire family. There is no greater, more important work than the education of our children.

Supervising and evaluating the following:

  • 7th grade
  • Mathematics
  • Special Education

Responsible for the following programs and initiatives:

  • Excel Beyond the Bell
  • Athletics and After-school Activities
  • Open House & Parent Conferences
  • School Calendar
  • Student Achievement Committee
  • MAP-R, MAP-M & Alt-MSA Testing