Physical Education 

 Mr. Baude &  Mr. Voigt  

Jump Rope for Heart Kick-off Event, January 31st at 2:15, check out this short video and meet the "Scare Squad"


For the past two years, our school has raised an average of $11,000 through the Jump Rope For Heart program. Our school community is awesome when it comes to supporting worthwhile causes and our PE department works diligently to motivate students to participate in Jump Rope For Heart. 

Did you know, that students that create their own webpage and send emails raise twice as much money as students who don’t?
  • You can add your picture to your personal webpage and explain why you are participating in an event with the American Heart Association. That way, your friends and family will know why you want to be a Heart Hero!
  • Ask your parent or guardian to take your fundraising envelope to work with them! Their coworkers may want to support you!
  • Don’t forget, you can earn online badges for doing activities that make you a Heart Hero! The badges are in the center of your online HeadQuarters.

My Badges

   First $5 donation
First online donation
   Raise at least $40 online
   Raise at least $250
   Raise at least $500
   Raise at least $1000
   I have 10 donors

You can earn all 5 just by updating your webpage, adding your picture, sending E-cards, raising money online and reaching your goal!

Go spread the word about heart health and make a difference in the lives of others!


 jrfh slime 2017  jrfh slime 1  


16-'17 Jump Rope for Heart , Kick off on January 25 at 2:15, check your students backpack for login info and fundraising packets.



Prizes (Zoo Animals)for this year. The first animal is called Rory the lion and you can earn him along with a lanyard with your first donation of $5 or more. The 2nd animal is a panda called Jade Shoots  and you can earn her with a $20 donation. The 3rd animal is a monkey called Jenny Kicks and she can be earned with a $35 donation. The 4th animal is a penguin called Finley Chillerton and he can be earned with a $100 donation. The 5th animal is a giraffe called BabyGus. You can earn him with a $200 donation. Elephant Mr. Tusker can be earned with your first online donation of $5 or more. A zebra named Savanna Bolt can be earned  if you raise $85 online.  Remember as you get to the next level, you get all the prices of the level before.  Try to collect them all!!!



There is one more animal that is a bigger version of  Baby Gus the giraffe who is called Gabby and if in the first week you raise  $150 it can be yours!


Welcome to the world of Physical Education, where fitness comes first. Each unit, at each grade level, focuses on knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a healthy level of fitness for a lifetime. This includes the ideas of cardio-respiratory endurance (getting your heart rate up), strength, flexibility, goal setting, teamwork, and movement skills.       

Mission Statement

In Physical Education class at Clearspring ES, the students will be dedicated to learning about and participating in activities that:

  • Improve and maintain a healthy physical fitness level
  • Teach them to eat good foods and make healthy life choices
  • Help them become more efficient movers in space
  • Improve their skill in sport settings
  • Help understand how the body works together to move

And, most importantly…

  • Help them to solve problems and respect each other and themselves as teammates and friends 
  • Energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion. Get Moving - Click on this link -