Canned Food Drive Smashing Success!

First of all we need to thank everyone for participating in this year’s food drive; it’s only successful because everyone promotes, encourages and participates. The amount of times I’ve been stopped in the hallways by students and asked who’s class is winning is a testament to everyone’s enthusiasm for the event. The number of students who have gleefully approached me and said “wait till you see how much our class has today, you’re gonna be so impressed!” and then are been proven right when I check their class, is humbling.

We are extremely proud to be the sponsors of the SGA and a Clearspring Husky today because we more than doubled the amount that we collected last year. The end total collected is 2,649 non-perishable food items!!!; that’s an absurd amount of food to collect in less than a month. The donations will be going to The Manna Center food bank in Rockville to be distributed all across Montgomery County.   

Now there was a prize to be won, and I wish I could include more than one class because there were quite a few that had incredible participation, but everyone should feel a sense of pride for the level of altruism showed by our school. In the end the top class was Mrs. Obstgarten’s who donated 1,083 items. congratulations to them, and enjoy the PBIS Fall blacktop party! Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Stieffenhofer’s classes finished in 2nd and 3rd collecting 736 and 601 items respectively.

Thanks again to everyone for participating and positively impacting our community in such a positive way.

Adam & Britanny