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Shared Beliefs

Quality Instructional Program

  1. Begins by focusing on the individual needs of the learners
  2. Provides an engaging and challenging curriculum that is developmentally appropriate
  3. Empowers children to be thinkers, with a love for learning

Supportive Community

  1. Trusts that teachers and staff will do their jobs professionally
  2. Fosters cooperation, not competition, by caring for and supporting all children, not just their own, as part of a learning and caring community
  3. Allows students to succeed on their own and learn from their mistakes
  4. Communicates openly and values communication
  5. Values learning by providing models at home and being involved in PTA, volunteering, and extra-curricular program.
  6. Models core values of tolerance, respect and cooperation

Effective Teachers

  1. Is sensitive to individual learning styles and respects the differences in students
  2. Is knowledgeable of current curriculum demands and delivers a flexible and creative program that is challenging and appropriate
  3. Provides a positive safe and motivating learning environment in which diverse learners experience academic and social success
  4. Fosters a love of learning while he or she continues to grow professionally
  5. Communicates openly and values communication

High Performing School

  1. Strives to improve, continues to challenge ideas, and works to build upon previous success, while reflecting on and evaluating its mission
  2. Offers opportunities to meet the needs of all students through consideration of varied learning styles and academic and emotional needs
  3. Values an environment where teachers work collaboratively towards the success of all students
  4. Has a child-centered program that uses best practices to ensure success and promotes life-long learning
  5. Creates an environment in which students feel safe and motivated
  6. Has strong leadership that promotes teamwork among staff, communicates high achievable expectations, provides appropriate support and is open to the concerns of staff, students and community

Successful Students

  1. Have the confidence to take risks, develop opinions, and work with others, while continuously striving to develop their own style
  2. Have a support system at home and at school which helps them develop a caring attitude
  3. Are challenged, interested, highly motivated, excited and enthusiastic in the academic arena
  4. Understand and reflect core values of tolerance, respect and cooperation and work to improve their school and community