Parents Pledge

  1. I will tell my child that I want him/her to have the best education possible and that I expect that he/she give his/her best effort to all of the assigned schoolwork.
  2. I will see that my child attends school regularly and is on time every day.
  3. I will read and respond to all school notices within 48 hours.
  4. I will provide a home environment that will encourage my child to learn by providing my child with a quiet, well-equipped space to study and read at home.
  5. I will help my child build a small but meaningful home library by including 'just right' books (books of interest to my child at the correct reading level) when I give presents to my child.
  6. I will insist that all homework assignments are done each night.
  7. I will maintain contact with my child's teachers and contact him/her whenever I have a question or concern.
  8. I will ask my child every day to tell me about at least one thing that happened at school and how he/she 'kept the code'.
  9. I will plant family activities that provide learning opportunities for my child.
  10. I will help my child appreciate and enjoy the excitement or learning.