Physical Education

Mission Statement

The mission of physical education is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong fun physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.  This can be achieved with a concrete understanding of the 6 fitness and P.E. components.  



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  • Kim Hartung


What We Are Doing in P.E.

1st Quarter

Grades K-2:  The younger students will focus on loco motor movement patterns (skip, gallop, jump, etc.) and spatial awareness.  They will also address the effects and changes that exercise brings about to the body (cardiovascular system, core temperature, etc.).  The students will play a number of moving, pretending, chasing and tagging games to reinforce these concepts.


Grades 3-5:   The older students focus on ball control with hands (utilizing a number of skills associated with basketball). They will then move onto activities using kicking and ball control with the feet, utilizing a number of skills associated with the sport of soccer.  The students will work independently on skill development, with partners and in group activities.   The students will also be addressing a variety of health and fitness concepts, ranging from basic anatomy, changes that occur as a result of exercise, how to calculate various types of heart rates (resting, active/target, and maximum), and the benefits of healthy nutrition on the body for performance and wellness



2nd Quarter 

Grades K-2:   The younger students will finish up movement exploration and spatial awareness where they will be assessed on rules in social movement settings and relationships with body parts and people.  They then will begin their throwing and catching unit where they will work with a variety of objects, differing in size, shape and weight.  The students will be assessed on their ability to a catch a thrown object as well as their ability to master the underhand and overhand throws.  Following the assessment phase, the kids will get to play some of their favorite throwing and catching games which include:  snowball fight, pinball, clean out your backyard and of course their favorite game, "throw the ball at the big-bad PE Teacher!”  Following the throwing and catching unit, we will progress to jumping/ landing mechanics and balance/weight transfer skills, associated with our month long gymnastics unit that will take place after the winter holidays (month of January).    As always, there will be a continued focus on healthy lifestyle choices, fitness, nutrition, and good decision making.       

Grades 3-5:   The older students will be finishing their units on kicking/soccer ball control and manipulation/basketball related concepts and will now be progressing into our throwing and catching units.  As with younger students, the older students will be assessed on a variety of catching and throwing techniques and concepts, culminating with a number of their favorite games.  After throwing and catching, we will focus on skills associated with volleyball.  Once we return from winter break in January, the entire school will embark on our annual, month long gymnastics unit, where the focus and emphasis will be on jump/landing mechanics, upper body strength/stabilization/endurance, and balance/weight transfer.  The students will all be assessed on Goal Setting, Persistency, and what it takes to succeed at an achievable goal.  As with all students at Bells Mill, the older students will continue our focus of healthy lifestyle choices and good decision making.  



3rd Quarter

Grades K-2:  The younger students will identify and demonstrate concepts involving jumping/ landing mechanics and then be progressing through our annual gymnastics unit where they will be assessed on three gymnastic body positions.  During the unit, the students will progress through simple body positions and tumbles, while progressing to larger pieces of equipment and apparatus.  During the unit, the students will need to understand the difference between upper body muscles, lower body muscles and discuss the role they play supporting and transferring body weight.   The students will be assessed on static balance and the ability to transfer one's own weight onto, over, and off of equipment.  Following gymnastics the students will participate in our rhythms unit, as well as basic health, fitness and nutrition concepts.

Grades 3-5:  The older students will all progress through our annual gymnastics unit.  They will be assessed on five gymnastic body positions, while progressing from simple tumbles to more complex tumbles.  The students will need to identify major muscle groups of the upper body, and how these muscle groups play an important role in pushing, pulling, and supporting one's body weight during gymnastics. The students will be assessed on static, active, and dynamic balance and the ability to transfer one's own weight onto, over, and off of equipment.  The students will progress to different apparatus and create a small group routine to present as a culminating activity.   Following gymnastics, the students will participate in our rhythms unit where they will have to choreograph their own group dance routine.   As always, a secondary focus of all our PE units will be basic health, fitness, and nutrition concepts. 



4th Quarter 

Grades K-2:  The younger students will finish up the school year focusing on three main goals:  controlling a ball with feet (soccer based skills emphasizing striking with the instep and dribbling with multiple parts of the foot) and hands (basketball based controlling skills and activities)  striking an object with body parts and implements (examples would be striking a balloon with hand—similar to volleyball type skills and striking balls with short handled implements---similar to the tennis stroke), and working on persistence and goal setting (setting a “goal” and working to achieve it).  As always, there will be a health and fitness component to all PE classes.


 Grades 3-5:         The older students will finish the school year focusing on short and long handled implement skill development ( hockey  based skills, lacrosse based skills, tennis based skills, softball/baseball striking techniques) as well as health, fitness, and wellness concepts.

Again this year, our students will be participating in a Bicycle Safety program, helping to develop and promote bicycle use among our students.  This will be incorporated into our Health and Fitness Unit.

As always, all students will continue healthy lifestyle and activity choices.

Look for updates on Field Day, to be held as a way to celebrate another wonderful school year in PE.












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