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Welcome to Outdoor Environmental Education Programs

We, the staff at Outdoor Environmental Education Programs, are committed to:

  • providing outdoor learning experiences through the MCPS curriculum that increase students ’ content and process knowledge
  • nurturing awareness, appreciation, and stewardship for the natural environment
  • building the capacity of MCPS educators to teach environmental education using the outdoors as a classroom 

Announcements & News


  • We have a new phone number at the Smith Center-  240-740-1404
  • Check out our Fall Teacher Workshops  for 2016!
  • OEEP Grade 6 Open House will be on Thursday, September 8th from 
  • 5 pm - 8:30 pm.  Check out the flyer!!
  • Watch our Parents to Parents Information video in Spanish!







Upcoming Events

Wed, August 31
Day Program Training for Smith Center

Tue, September 6
Stream Study Workshop
Food Web (Predator Prey) Workshop
Treasure Earth Workshop

Thu, September 8
Open House

Tue, September 13
Introduction to OEEP for Grade Teachers

Wed, September 14
Confidence Course Recertification

Thu, September 15
Food Web (Predator Prey) Workshop
Stream Study Workshop
Exploring the Watershed Workshop

Sat, September 17
EE-06 Confidence Course Instructor's Workshop

Tue, September 20
EE-06 Confidence Course Instructor's Workshop

Thu, September 22
EE 06 Confidence Course Instructor's Workshop

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