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MCPS Staff Message to Inform of the
Purpose of the Antiracist Audit

"Without a doubt, race and poverty play a role in how well our students do. The goal of this work is to take a deep look at what do we need to change, what do we need to maintain, as individuals responsible for the academic success of more than 160,000 students. This examination is so very important now."
Dr. Jack R. Smith
MCPS Superintendent
Nov. 10, 2020 Board of Education Meeting

Dear Staff,

This message is to provide information and progress on the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Antiracist System Audit. You will find resources at the end of this letter that will provide detailed information about the audit, as well as resources to support schools and offices in their current equity work.  

The Antiracist System Audit will provide an opportunity to examine our systemwide practices and policies to ensure that race and bias do not impact access, opportunities or equitable outcomes for our students' academic and social-emotional well-being. The audit will be an important opportunity to analyze policies and practices that impact staff as well.

The audit, which was approved unanimously by the Montgomery County Board of Education on Nov. 10, was awarded to the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MAEC) and will be conducted over the next year. 


Decades of informed hard work by multiple leadership teams and committed educators have maintained high achievement levels for students. However, not all students are reaching their full academic potential. The audit is a timely investment in understanding and removing practices and policies that contribute to racial disparities so that we can, with honesty, say "All Means All."

"This audit is a ground breaking initiative and represents an umbrella of focused priority work that ensures race and bias do not impact the learning and social emotional wellness of all students and ensures that the system is accountable to make this happen now and in the future."
Dr. Monifa B. McKnight
MCPS Deputy Superintendent
Nov. 10, 2020 Board of Education Meeting

MCPS has been at the forefront of analyzing disaggregated quantitative student data that shows disparities in student performance. Additionally, a variety of qualitative data provides further evidence that one’s racial background can have an impact on a student’s, parent’s or staff member’s experience in MCPS. The Antiracist System Audit will give us a more comprehensive understanding of the practices and policies that contribute to racial disparities in access, opportunities and outcomes. It will allow us to further engage the voices of all our stakeholders through the lens of race to better analyze how interactions, practices and policies impact their lived experiences. This will help us determine how to mitigate the impact of these experiences on access and opportunities for students and staff academically and social emotionally.

"It's a crisis of justice and equality that we are all facing and, while we are all in it together, we are not experiencing this crisis in the same way—not even close".
Dr. Jack R. Smith
MCPS Superintendent
All In: Superintendent's Blog

The MCPS Antiracist System Audit is the next right step at the right time toward building on the All In: Equity and Achievement Framework. The framework currently provides necessary measures, monitoring and resource allocation guidance that commits the district to equity and expands students' access and opportunity. As a district, we have been engaging in work around race and equity for many years. The recent events of a global pandemic, racial injustice and unrest in communities across the country have amplified the need to engage in this work. Our students, staff and community have been vocal in their desire to see us examine our practices and policies to ensure our school system is free of racism and bias. The Antiracist System Audit is the next significant investment for the future of our students. It is proof of a community and school system committed to success for every student. 

The audit will focus on six components that reflect the conditions, needs and actions that will move MCPS toward the desired state of being an antiracist school system.

Anti Racist Audit

The Antiracist System Audit will examine a variety of areas of districtwide operations to review the impacts of race and bias by:

  • Conducting a curriculum review
  • Evaluating school cultures
  • Analyzing workforce diversity
  • Examining work conditions and other barriers to equity
  • Measuring the progress of the All In: Equity and Achievement Framework
  • Recommending appropriate communication and engagement strategies
"What's going to be different...we are!"
Troy Boddy
Director, Equity Initiatives Unit

So far, we have engaged with almost 200 stakeholders in the work of the Antiracist System Audit. This includes eight focus groups composed of students, staff, parents and community members to inform the framework and Request for Proposal (RFP) for the audit. We also engaged in a multi-stakeholder process to recommend the audit consultant to the Board of Education. We will continue to provide opportunities to engage with the community and will communicate those opportunities to stakeholders.

MCPS staff is currently beginning the preliminary work with the consultant. On January 19, the Board of Education and the MCPS community will receive details about community and staff engagement and timelines, as well as the process and deliverables of the audit. Follow-up communication will be provided to staff.

Thank you for all you do to support students and for your commitment to understanding and helping the district on its journey of continuous improvement. This work is another example of why we are one of the best school districts in the country.

Want to learn more about the Antiracist System Audit?

The resources below provide additional information, background and context.  The audit website will be updated regularly to provide information on the process and status of the work.

We have heard from some staff asking what they should be doing regarding the Antiracist System Audit. At this point, no one is required to do anything around the audit. Every school and office should continue its current equity work.

If you need support in this work you can contact the Equity Initiatives Unit or visit this website for new equity resources including the online modules How to Talk About Race, How to Be an Antiracist, and Planning and Leading Effective and Culturally Responsive Meetings.


Dr. Jack R. Smith

Dr. Monifa B. McKnight
MCPS Deputy Superintendent