STARS LogoSTARS: The Science, Technology, and Research Signature Program

STARS is a rigorous, 4-year program for highly motivated students. It is designed for those with a deep interest in exploring science and research, and who wish to prepare for future careers in a STEM or STEM-related field. The STARS program is a highly enriched and provides ample opportunities and support for students to explore their passion for STEM in a diverse community of learners. Central to the program is the Capstone: a required, 2-year program comprised of AP Seminar in junior year and AP Research in senior year.  At the completion of the two year Capstone program, students will have learned research methods and conducted their own independent research. In addition, all students will complete an off-campus experience, which could be in a science internship in support of their research project. Rising 9th graders apply in the spring of their 8th grade year.

Summary of the STARS Program:

  • Cohorted, enriched STARS honors biology and honors chemistry
  • Cohorted freshman STARS homerooms with science teacher advisors
  • Off-campus learning experiences
  • Double-up science option for freshmen with the following requirements:
    • Must successfully take summer course (grade of B or higher)
    • Must have successfully completed Honors Geometry or higher in 8th (grade of B or higher
    • Must get final approval from summer school teachers
  • All new Capstone program for STARS:
    • Two year sequence of courses AP Seminar and AP Research
    • Scholarly paper (scored by College Board), presentation and oral defense (scored by teacher). For more information about the AP Capstone Program, including information about the AP Seminar and AP Research course, please visit this link.

Click here for a complete list of program requirements and application procedures.

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