Dear Students and Families:


Welcome to the 2019-2020 Registration process. On our website, via the WJ Course Bulletin Link, you will find many useful tools and resources for your registration process. Our current 9th-11th grade students have now received their course registration cards, the WJ Course Selection and Planning Worksheet, as well as instructions to register online via Power Scheduler. Please refer to the Online Instructional Video about the course registration process, as well as the instructional video to enter your course requests online via Power Scheduler. Also, please refer to the many links on this page to support your course planning and selection. Individual meetings with your counselor will begin the week of January 7th to review your registration process. At this meeting, you will need to have entered all of your course requests online, have completed the course registration card, and completed the WJ Course Selection and Planning Worksheet. 

The link above will take you to the main Course Bulletin page, please see the menu on the left for course cards, planning worksheets, instructions, and other information.

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