Student Service Learning

County Info on SSL

Student Service Learning (SSL) activities are intended to to address a recognized need in the community and provide a learning experience for students. SSL is required by the Maryland State Department of Education for graduation. Hours are earned through unpaid service with non-profit organizations, government agencies, school clubs and through specific school courses. There are only a few opportunities working directly with the school. SSL hours can be earned beginning in the summer after grade 5.

Students should aim to finish earning all hours by the end of first semester senior year to avoid problems at graduation. Students should also consider trying to earn most of their hours before fall of junior year when coursework becomes heavy.

Go to for a detailed explanation of SSL within Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), forms, and lists of organizations pre-approved as SSL sites by MCPS.

SSL Contact Information

Ms. Susan Kudler, Senior Transcript Secretary, SSL coordinator,  


 Ms. Kimberly Bloch-Rincan, MCPS SSL Coordinator, 301-279-3454 or fax 301-517-8166
Contact Ms. Bloch-Rincan during the summer (June 20th through Aug 4th) for questions or for pre-approvals of activities. 

*The county office will be closed 8/1/14 - 8/12/14 and preapprovals will not be granted during that time*

Ms. Jody McGill, PTSA SSL Committee Chair