If your student missed part of, or an entire test, they will receive a notification during school letting them know where and what time their make up test is. Most make up tests will be assigned by test and date below.


NSL: May 29

English 10: May 29, 30 or 31

Algebra 1: June 1 and 4 



 Letter to Guardians/Parents  


Please note that buses run on a regular schedules the entire week.  If your student need to ride the bus on days with a late start, they will be able to work in the cafeteria until the first period of the day.  Please see schedule below.


 Testing Schedule: Includes May 21 - May 24 Modified Bell Schedules and Senior Exam Schedule


Algebra 1 PARCC Testing Schedule: this does not impact the school schedule at large and is only for students currently in Algebra 1



Testing Room Assignments:

(Regular time test without accommodations) If you have extended time you received a note in class with your testing room assignment.


NSL Room Assignments


English 10 Room Assignments 




Practice for your PARCC or HSA test


Practice Algebra 1 PARCC - Computer-Based Test


Practice English 10 PARCC - Computer-Based Test


Practice NSL HSA - HSA Prep Online