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Welcome to the Stressbusters Committee

Dr. Alan Goodwin, as principal of WWHS, started the Stressbusters Committee in 2004.  A subcommittee of the Counseling Advisory Committee (CAC), Stressbusters is part of the Whitman PTSA.   

The Committee aims to help students, parents and staff:  

  • build resilience for handling some of the "normal" stresses associated with high school;    
  • identify and reduce unhealthy stress levels and their sources.    

 The committee also champions special initiatives that further facilitate community wellness and support.   



Drug & Alcohol Information  

Stressbusters has compiled useful information for parents and students.  Click “Drug and Alcohol Resources” under “Whitman HS Quick Links,” on the Whitman web site, or click here:

Information from Mental Health Awareness and Teens: Empowering Parents presentation


 2018-2019 Calendar

A Parent Education/Discussion Series October 11th, November 8th, January 17th, February 12th, March 20th, April 16th All 7 – 9pm

Evening Event (Tentative Topic: Building Resilience in our Families, Schools, and Community.  November 29.  7-9 PM

Evening Event (Topic: TBD) March 14, 7-9 PM

More information will be forthcoming on Whitnet.  Stay tuned for announcements on other Stressbuster activities. 

Committee Members

Please feel free to contact any of the following Stressbusters Committee members for further information, or to bring issues to the Committee's attention:   

Mimi Darmstadter,, Chair


Beth Bautista,


Laurie Calder,


Keri Marshall,  


Liz Miller,   


Suzanne Ritter,


Karen Rosen,



Rachel Svec,