MakerSpace Supplies

Your trash could be our treasure! 

The White Oak Middle School Media Center could use donations of the following for our MakerSpace:

  • Building toys: Legos, Kynex, Bionicles, Kaplas
  • Craft Supplies: Yarn, Ribbon, Tissue, Glue, Colored Paper, Glitter, Stamps, Markers, etc
  • Beads & any jewelry making supplies
  • Snap-circuits or other electronics toys
  • Electronics Supplies: LEDs, Copper Wire, Switches, Mini-motors, Clips, etc.
  • Small machines for us to take apart (mixers, toasters, fans, phones, clocks, mechanical toys, computers, etc)
  • Small building supplies (cut wood, balsa, tubing, dowels, etc.)
  • Hand Tools (screwdrivers, hammers, snips, plyers, etc.)

Please drop off supplies at the front office office, marked: Media Center/MakerSpace

Thank You!
Questions? Please contact Madelyn Badger, Media Specialist

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