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   Report on a Famous Hispanic 
   Person: Artist, Architect, Athlete, 
   Actor, Scientist, Politician, etc..

   Learn and Perform 
   an Authentic Dance

   Sing or Perform an
   Authentic Song 
   Report on a
   Spanish Speaking Country

 Write a Caligrama
   Review of a Hispanic Movie
  Play Travel Agent
   Review of a Hispanic Book
   Some Suggestions from our Library:

   Esperanza Rising, Echo, Red Glass,
   Becoming Naomi Leon, Enriquez
   Journey, and more ... on the cart.

  Make an Hispanic Craft
   Netflix: Violeta
  • You must have netflix at home
   Collage Depicting Hispanic Culture
  • Must have pictures or printer
    at HOME
  • Use pictures from magazines
  • Online collage with Photoshop
 Recite a Hispanic Poem


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