Primary Math


Unit 1: Patterns and Classification

Unit 2: Exploring Numbers

Unit 3: Measurement and Geometry

Unit 4: Combining and Separating

2nd Grade

Unit 1A: Place Value

     Unit 1B: Patterns

     Unit 1C: Data Analysis (Graphing)

Unit 2: Geometry

Unit 3: Computation (+,-)

Unit 4A: Fractions

     Unit 4B: Measurement

Unit 5A: Number and Operations (x,/)

     Unit 5B: Money


1st Grade

 Unit 1A: Numeration and Counting

     Unit 1B: Patterns and Counting

Unit 2A: Measurement

     Unit 2B: Number Sense and Operations

Unit 3A: Facts with Sums to 10

     Unit 3B: Data Analysis

Unit 4: Geometry

Unit 5 Pre-A: Money

     Unit 5A: Fractions

     Unit 5B: Problem Solving


3rd Grade

Unit 1A: place value

     Unit 1B: Addition and Subtraction

     Unit 1C: Data Analysis

Unit 2A: Linear Measures

     Unit 2B: Area

Unit 3A: Multiplication and Division Concepts

     Unit 3BFact Strategies and Estimation

     Unit 3C: Algebraic Applications

Unit 4A: Plane Figures

     Unit 4B: Solid Figures

Unit 5A: Algebra and Money

     Unit 5B: Fractions and Probability

     Unit 5C: Multiplication and Division

     Unit 6: Measurement and Location



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