Mathematics Awareness Month

At Wheaton Woods Elementary School


Mathematics Awareness Month is held each year in April. Its goal is to increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics.   This year students participated in various math activities such as: 

  • Estimating the number of items in estimation jars:  In order to focus efforts and encourage participation, prizes were awarded each week to students at each grade level whose estimations were within 3 points of the total number of items in each jar.
  • Solving a math problem for their grade level each week:  The math problems were related to the math concepts covered during the school year.
  • Participating in Maryland Math Day:  On Friday, April 24, 2009 students in grades K-2 and 3-5 engaged in Math Day activities.  The math activities were developed and supervised by Wheaton Woods math teachers.  They required students to solve mathematics problems individually and/or in teams. 


At the end of our Math Month celebration, prizes will also be awarded to students who solved one or more math problems during the month.  In addition, every student who participated in Maryland Math Month will receive a certificate of recognition for putting their math skills to a challenge.