Teachers will be applying MYP assessment criteria to student work in a variety of ways throughout the school year.

As the assessment criteria are alingned with the objectives for each course, stduents' achievement levels on the criteria are intended to provide feedback regarding students' progress towards the achievements of these objectives.

Parents can use the MYP Progress Report, which will be provided at the end of each semester, to better understand how their child is progessing towards the achievement of these course objectives.


The MYP assessment criteria across subject groups can be summarized as follows:


  A B C D
Language and literature Analysing Organizing Producing text Using language
Language acquisition Comprehending spoken and visual text Comprehending written and visual text Communicating Using language
Individuals and societies Knowing and understanding Investigating Communicating Thinking critically
Sciences Knowing and understanding Inquiring and designing Processing and evaluating Reflecting on the impacts of science
Mathematics Knowing and understanding Investigating patterns Communicating Applying mathematics in real-world context
Arts Knowing and understanding Developing skills Thinking creatively Responding
Physical and health education Knowing and understanding Planning for performance Applying and performing Reflecting and improving performance
Design Inquiring and analysing Developing ideas Creating the solution Evaluating
MYP projects Investigating      Planning Taking action Reflecting
Interdisciplinary Disciplinary grounding Synthesizing and applying Communicating Reflecting