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Softball 2015-2016


Girls: Shauna Williams  Boys: Bryan Martinez


Try-Outs begin September 9 after-school.  Activity buses will be provided.
Paperwork (e.g. all forms) must be in before you try out.

*Note:  A student does not have to pay the ECA fee until they make the team.



All games are at 3:30 pm 

Home games will be played at Richard Montgomery HS 


Any 7th and 8th grade student who is interested in trying out for any of the Julius West teams must meet the requirements listed on the main Athletics page . All forms must be turned in to the coach or Mr. Brink BEFORE try-outs.


Try-outs will take place over three days. If you cannot attend all three days, please notify the coach.  If you have any questions concerning any information please ask Mr. Brink/Athletic Coordinator at (301)337-3400 or the coach.