Family and Consumer Sciences

Department Head: Ed Graf

Hospitality Management:
The Hospitality Management Pathway program is new to MCPS. We use the ProStart Program which is recognized throughout the hospitality industry and is a certified foodservice program. Students will have the opportunity to obtain certification in ServSafe as well as ProStart at the end of this two year program.
This industry-based restaurant and foodservice curriculum combines classroom learning with mentored hands-on experience at qualified foodservice establishments.  This program will help students gain fundamental culinary and business skills while they explore the many career options available to them in the industry during which time, students will be prepared for the adult working world, offering them on-the-job experiences before they graduate. Students who wish to complete the pathway should complete International Cultures and Cuisines/ProStart 1, Culinary Essentials/ProStart 2 and a 400 hour internship within the foodservice/hospitality industry.



Name Email   Department  Role  
Emily Nalda   Hospitality Management  Teacher   
Melissa Cloyd   Child Development  Teacher