Six Flags Read to Succeed Program

Read To Succeed is a free program that allows students in grades K-5 to earn tickets to Six Flags America just by reading six hours for fun. 

Here is how your child can earn a free ticket to Six Flags:

 1) Register this fall using this link: Visit: 

Use your class code (ask Mrs. Prado for the unique code for your child's teacher)

 2) Your child may read any books they choose. 

3) Keep track of your child’s reading using the form given to you last October.

 4) Record your child’s reading at our website.

 5) Receive a free Six Flags America ticket from Viers Mill Elementary School in June.


The students who completed their six hours of reading will receive their free tickets to Six Flags America on the 1st or 2nd week of June. Mrs. Prado will distribute the tickets during their Media class.





Last updated on December 10, 2019.