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Mrs. Megan WilsonMargaret Wilson


Hello, my name is Megan Wilson and I am your School Counselor. I’ve been lucky to be at Stedwick for many years and enjoy working with our students and families very much! The job of a School Counselor is a little complicated but can be summed up by simply saying, I’m here to help. I teach students essential skills to handle social and emotional situations such as making friends, dealing with loss, and many other issues. I also work with students individually and in small groups on the same issues. I also help with a variety of other projects such as the new Stedwick Gardens, Holiday Baskets, the World’s Fair. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns that I may be able to assist with. The best way to reach me is by email:, or by phone: 301 840 7187. I look forward to meeting you!





Stedwick ES GardenYou may have noticed some new color around the school. Several staff and many students have been helping with our new gardens. Please come by to check out any one of our wonderful new gardens! There is the 4th Grade Bulb, The Everything Garden, The Volunteer Garden, and The Shade garden all in the courtyard. There are also new beautiful Kindergarten Gardens in the back, an enhanced garden by the front sign, and many wonderful new trees out on the playground.

Last year we added a vegetable garden which was cared for by our Garden Stewards in Mrs. Eagen’s class. Continuing the tradition, Mrs. Eagen’s class is tending the gardens this year as well. They were treated to several Salad Lunches with the ‘fruit’ of the their labor. It was fantastic to see the students wolf down 2nd and 3rd helpings of salad!

Mrs Carr, Mrs. Eagen, Mrs. Lynch and myself have been working on the gardens. This year, Mrs. Cavalier and Mrs. Riggs will be joining us. We’ve been very lucky to receive funding and support from the Montgomery Village Rotary, DHL Landscaping, MCPS Grants in Education, and the Montgomery Country Urban Forestry Committee (MCUFC). Mrs. Sue Fierston, parent of a former student, continues to help with the front garden and plans for new gardens. We hope our gardens will keep growing year after year!

Clothing Around the World

Clothing around the worldClothing Around the World is a fabulous presentation where students are exposed to the clothes of many cultures. During the presentation , given each spring, students explore and discuss the heritage, geography, differences and similarities of the many cultures of our world while actually trying on the clothes. Wearing these wonderful clothes truly allows students to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”, or clothes. Each year the students are excited about Clothing Around the World and ask when it will be held. They enjoy learning about new cultures as well as seeing their culture represented in the presentation. This year, I would like to, again, bring the presentation to you, the parents and families of Stedwick! On our May PTA meeting night, the Clothing Around the World Collection will available for all to see. And I will be available for questions & perhaps a small presentation. This will be a fabulous opportunity for you to see and share in your child’s education. Please make plans to join us on in May see the wonderful clothes in my Clothing Around the World collection!

In addition to joining us, you can also help us! If you have any clothes from your country or travels to another country that you would be willing to loan or donate please contact Mrs. Wilson. While over 40 countries are represented there are many more countries she would like to include. It is extremely helpful when families loan Mrs. Wilson Clothing for the week of the presentation! And she promises to take care of it and return it to you. If you have any sewing skills, I am have lots of fabric and patterns waiting to become new pieces. Lastly, if you are able to help during the day I always need help setting up the presentation. Please contact me if you can help!

Thank you all! We hope you will join us in May to see Clothing Around the World!

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