PBIS Rewards and Incentives

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At SSI students will have the opportunity to be recognized, acknowledged and rewarded for their display of positive social skills reflective of the three R’s (Respect, Responsibility and Relationship building). Students who demonstrate the three R's can earn PBIS coupons. The coupons are a way for staff to reinforce positive behaviors and for students to get recognition. 


After receiving coupons, students have the chance to redeem them for small prizes, such as pens/pencils, headphones, candy and snacks in the school store. Students also have the option of redeeming 20 PBIS tokens to participate in the monthly PBIS lunch celebration. Previous lunch celebrations have included pizza parties, board game competitions, and raffles for special prizes. 


Additionally, each month, teachers recognize 3 students from each grade-level who have demonstrated excellence in the 3 R’s (Respect, Responsibility, and Relationship Building). These 9 students are then recognized and celebrated during the monthly advisory lesson, have their photographs displayed on the PBIS bulletin board, and receive “free” admission to the PBIS monthly lunch celebration.