Year book


Overview of Journalism Courses

Journalism 1 A/B offers students an overview of the history and practice of journalism. By the end of the course, successful students will have a greater awareness of current events, be better readers and writers and have an understanding of the impact that the news media has on our country and on our everyday lives as consumers of news. 

The newspaper and yearbook publication courses operate in a “lab” environment. Students in these classes work together with the guidance of the journalism adviser in order to publish the online and print versions of the newspaper and to publish the yearbook. In these classes, students make layout and design decisions, write stories, shoot photos and execute budgets. It is a terrific training environment for adult careers. 

 This is not a training program for future journalists, although many professional journalists got their start in high school. Students who stay in this program for more than one year are better prepared for life after high school. Isn’t that the primary reason for attending high school – preparation for the next stage of life? 

A 2008 study of journalism students revealed that these students get better grades in high school, score higher on the ACT exam and earn a higher GPA as a college freshman. I am not surprised by these results. Journalism courses prepare students to be successful. 

I hope to see your child in a journalism course next year.


Yearbook Frequently Asked Questions


Wait how do I…..?


Q: Is the yearbook created in a class or in an after-school club?

A: The yearbook is published by our journalism students during class.


Q: How do I buy a yearbook? 

A: There are three options.  

1. Go to

a. Click on “Buy your Yearbook”

b. Type in “Springbrook High School” and select it. Follow the rest of the on 

    screen directions.

2. Bring payment to room E310. Checks are accepted until the month of May. Cash is

    also accepted.

3. Use the “Online School Payment” link found on the Springbook HS website.  Search   

    for “Yearbook”


 Q: I’d like to buy an ad for my student, how can I do that? 

A: You can pay for your ad online at the same place that you would order your book.


Q: Can you build the ad for me if I supply the photos and message (content)?

A: Yes! Our Editor-in-chief will personally create and make your ad. Just let us know!


Q: How do senior portraits work?

A: Great question! Seniors will receive appointment and portrait ordering information in the

    mail from Lifetouch Studios, our yearbook photographer.  Appointments are scheduled for 

    July 6,7,8. Makeup appointments are scheduled for later in the summer.


Q: I’m not sure if I’m going to graduate next year. Should I get my senior portrait taken 

     this summer?

A: Definitely!  Think positively.  The senior portrait pages are sent to the printer in January.    

    Your photo can not be placed in the book unless we have it by the beginning of December.


Q: This is my third year in high school.  Why am I listed as a sophomore?

A:  You grade is determined by the number of credits you have earned and not by your year.

     These portrait pages of the yearbook are sent to the printers in November, so your grade

     status is determined by the number of credits you have earned by that time of year.