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Which Language Would You Like To Learn?

Whatever language or languages you choose, learning world languages will make a difference in how you see the world and in how the world sees you. You may study more than one! We offer levels 1 – IB 7 and AP language.

  • Arabic: spoken by over 200 million people in Asia and Africa. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Arabic is the language of the holy scriptures of Islam, venerated by one billion Muslims throughout the world.
  • French: the language of international diplomacy, trade, cuisine, ballet, fencing, and art. French contributions to history, literature, and technology abound.
  • German: the mother language of English, is the language of science, math, engineering, music, theology, and philosophy. German high-tech industries are dominant particularly in the southern United States.
  • Italian: studying Italian can introduce students to the world of high art, music, fashion, architecture, and Italian cuisine
  • Spanish: most people in this hemisphere speak Spanish, including 30 million Americans. Springbrook also offers Spanish for Spanish Speakers courses.

Why Learn Another Language?

The world is full of languages. How far do you have to go from your front door to know that this is true? Think about how many more people and places you could really get to know, movies and TV programs you could understand, newspapers and books you could read, web sites you could visit with another language!

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

give Did you know that studying a second language can improve your skills and grades in math and English and can improve entrance exam scores ON THE SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT?

Research has shown that math and verbal SAT scores climb higher with each additional year of a world language, which means that the longer you study a foreign language, the stronger your skills become to succeed in school.

check Studying a world language can improve your analytic and interpretive capacities. In addition, four or more years of language study on your record will catch the eye of anyone reading your college, scholarships or job applications.

Connect With Other Cultures

connect   Knowledge of other cultures will help you expand your personal horizons and become a responsible citizen. Your ability to talk to others and gather information beyond the world of English will contribute to your community and your country.

Study Abroad

The best way to experience a world language and its culture is to study abroad. The world languages department offers information on study-abroad programs and scholarships. In addition, we collaborate with other departments to plan an annual study abroad adventure!

International Baccalaureate

ib  Our IB progam is very successful. Our students score 4 or higher on IB exams. We are the only school in the North East Consortium that offers Ab initio courses in Arabic, German, and Italian. We prepare our students for the International Baccalaureate program in levels 1-4 by applying the Middle Years Program objectives and assessment criteria in daily classroom instruction, lesson planning, and assessments.

Advanced Placement

apWe offer AP language courses in French and Spanish. Our students score 3 or higher on the AP exam. We prepare our students for Advanced Placement by guiding their course selections and providing them with rigorous teacher-developed lessons in levels 1-4.


Khara Chike

Resource Teacher, World Languages Department


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