East Asian Studies


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East Asia Class Project

Student Observations:

I enjoyed writing the script and getting other opinions on the story plot. I also learned manga and how at times the task can be difficult, but overall it was a positive experience 

I worked along and learned many things about making manga. I learned how to incorporate anime drawings with word boxes and how to put them into traditional manga setting. I also learned how tedious the manga making process is, as well as how fun it is. 

I learned to draw characters in different angles and I also learned to draw different facial expressions for the reactions of each event that took place. I enjoyed being creative with the storyline and consistently changing it up to make it more exciting. 

This process was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but it was fun at the same time. 

I love drawing manga in my free time, but when it comes to a deadline it’s not that fun to draw and I lose interest. I love drawing the hair of the characters. Also, we decided to make this manga a to-be-continued type. 

I learned the major differences between manga drawings and the type of illustrations/cartoons I normally see. I learned to be more patient and cooperative when working with the other people in my group. I enjoyed coloring in the characters and scenes. 

I feel like there was an issue of brevity in terms of creating one chapter of a manga. I know for several manga, it takes a week to finish their manga.  

I learned during this process how to draw decent looking anime characters; it was really fun. We even learned some Japanese along the way. 

 I definitely learned how to draw manga, especially the eyes. What I thoroughly enjoyed doing was coming up with the plot and thinking about how the story will play out and how it’ll go from there. 

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