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2013 boat

 "About 100 Students from Springbrook High School used science to build, float and race boats made entirely out of cardboard. It’s harder than you think. The students are a part of the Integrated and Applied Physical Science class and are learning how to use science to solve everyday problems."

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Gazette Article:

"Some classes are pass-fail. For some physics students at Springbrook High School in Silver Spring, a recent class was more of the sink-or-swim variety."   - Read More...


Science Alumni:

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for you being my teacher last year. So many students i have met at the University of Maryland- CP did not get AP credit for the entry level chemistry class(they will only accept a 4 or 5) and having you support me all last year allowed me to come into college with CHEM 131 and CHEM 132 completed. This is already putting me ahead toward my intended major. I cannot thank you enough for pushing me and the rest of last years class to our highest potential.

Colleen Connelly, Class of 2013

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Kathryn E. Sander, Resource Teacher

Phone: 301-989-6064

Springbrook High School
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