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Physical Education provides an individualized, developmentally appropriate, and personally challenging instructional program that advances the student's knowledge, confidence, skills, and motivation to engage in a lifelong, healthy and physically active lifestyle. The goal of physical education is for each student to set and achieve personally challenging fitness goals and apply higher-order thinking skills to the scientific principles of human movement.

 Physical Education Courses (1 Credit)

Basketball (Cheryl Ingram)

This course instructs students in basic fundamentals, rules of play, examining game strategy and tactics. Students also receive instruction in intermediate/advanced skills, offensive and defensive strategies, and continued development of fitness. Students will demonstrate various skills while performing drills, and participating in game situations and tournaments; serving as players, officials, score recorders, Coaches, etc.

Soccer (John Furgeson)

This course emphasizes instruction in basic soccer fundamentals, offensive and defensive strategies/tactics, rules of play and overall physical fitness. Students will demonstrate various skills while performing drills, and participating in game situations and tournaments; serving as players, officials, score recorders, Coaches, etc.

Foundations of Personal Fitness and Sports (General Physical Education) (Various Staff)

This course emphasizes a development of an overall wellness program utilizing a variety of sport-based programs to teach fitness/skill themes and concepts. Students will demonstrate various skills while performing drills, and participating in game situations and tournaments; serving as players, officials, score recorders, Coaches, etc.

Strength and Conditioning (Robert Wendel)

This is course emphasizes basic weight training methods and cardiovascular programs. Students will receive instruction in proper safety protocols, maintenance of equipment, and development of overall physical conditioning. It also includes rigorous instruction in strength training principles, kinesiology, biometrics, and physiology of exercise. Students will plan and develop their own physical conditioning programs.

Volleyball (Melissa Seesz)

This course instructs students in basic individual volleyball fundamental skills, offensive and defensive strategies and tactics, and current rules of play. Students perform in drills, game situations and tournaments.

Fitness (Melissa Seesz)

This course will focus more so on the individual student and his/her fitness level. Students will participate in activities that engage various fitness activities to develop and improve his/her overall fitness.

Health Education (.5 Credit)



The secondary Health Education program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to help them make healthful decisions-both now and in the future. Through the implementation of an effective, comprehensive health education instructional program, students will develop the life skills needed to enhance their potential for achieving academic success and attaining healthier, happier, and more productive lives. Developing knowledge of accurate health information is essential, but practicing health-related skills in real-life situations and developing healthful behaviors are the ultimate goals of the program.

One-half credit of Health Education is required for graduation. This course is typically offered during the 10th grade year.


  • Comprehensive Health Education, Honors

Health Course Descriptions

Comprehensive Health Education, Honors

Students learn factual health information and develop lifetime skills in mental health; tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs; personal and consumer health; nutrition and fitness; safety and injury prevention; family life and human sexuality; and disease prevention and control. Although this course is required for graduation, parental permission must be specifically provided for students under the age of 18 to participate in family life and human sexuality and HIV/STI prevention. This course meets the state ½ credit Health Education graduation requirement.


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Physical Education        Springbrook High School  

1Foundations of Personal Fitness and Sports (General PE):  Students participate in a variety of team sports that include, but are not limited to: softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, and street hockey. Students will learn skills needed to be succesful in team tournament play; cogitive development, sprotsmanship, and fairplay.

Specialty Physical Education Offerings

2Fitness:  Be a part of something great in our school. Our Fitness Class will keep you     motivated and challenged with options for most ability and interest. Our instructors will push you while keeping the energy upbeat and enjoyable. Stay focused with constant encouragement from the instructor and the support of those around you in cardio, Step, Zumba, Strength Training and more. Join the movement and GET FIT! 

3Basketball:  The focus of the course is to improve skills and strategies.  Improving individual fitness levels are also emphasized.  Students will participate in a variety of basketball formats which will include, but are not limited to tournament play, 3 on 3, 4 on 4 and 5 on 5 games.  Students will be required to demonstrate basic rule knowledge, which will also include game officiating, basketball specific conditioning; training drills and skills; collaborative teaching of skills and game plays.

4Weight Training:  This course provides advanced instruction in weight training; building muscle strength and muscle endurance to improve one's physical fitness level.  Instruction will also be centered on sport specific training for the purpose of improving personal performance.

5 Soccer: This course is recommended as sport specific specialty in soccer to the high school physical education curriculum. It includes fitness in addition to opportunities for a varied selection of individual, dual, team, and personal development activities. Students learn to identify and improve their physical fitness level, as well as their sport-specific skills.

 6 Volleyball:  Instruction and practice of the fundamentals of the game will include serving, passing, setting, spiking, and the basic defensive and offensive strategies. Emphasis is placed on the rules, sportsmanship and team play as well as skill set.This course is recommended as sport specific specialty in Volleyball to the high school physical education curriculum.

7 Wrestling:  During this course, participants will learn a few of the basic wrestling moves; such as, how to lift their opponent, how to pin, and how to escape. Students will be afforded the opportunity to practice these skills on a regular bases in an effort to successfully implement those moves in match situations. This class is not gender specific. It is open to all students. In addition, wrestling also focuses on fitness, as well as skills specific to the content.