Fine Arts





Mrs. Jennifer Earle

Classroom Teacher High


Mr. Charles Foster

Teacher Resource


Mrs. Larosa Jones-Arroyo

Classroom Teacher High


Ms. Ann-Marie Lyddane

Classroom Teacher High

Digital Art


This is a one-credit Art class offering a foundation in the use of computer technology as an artistic medium to explore and create a rich variety of visual images, concepts, and animations digitally. Students work with a digital tablet and pen in the Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and the Adobe Flash software programs. As well, students discuss the cultural, historical, and ethical issues surrounding computers as an artistic tool, and as it concerns copyright law and issues of originality in our society. By the end of the school year students compile their work into a digitized portfolio.



This one-credit course is designed as an advanced counterpart to Digital Art 1. Students expand and apply their understanding of the computer as an artistic medium in the visual and commercial arts and film. Digital studio assignments focus on advanced level drawing, painting, illustration, digital photography, digital video and editing, 3-D modeling and animation. For their creative production, students use various software: Painter, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Flash, LightWave, Premier, AfterEffects, and Bryce.



The club provides many services to Springbrook, its community, and to the students themselves. A focal point of the club is its publicity design and production via posters, flyers, holiday and personal cards, business cards, and video advertising and editing. The club also has fun while learning more about digital art production with Painter, Photoshop, Flash, and Premier in an informal setting where the students can explore their own expressions and ideas.

Studio Art

Course number for Semester A & B = 6205/6206 

Prerequisite: Drawing & Design A & B

This class is for students who are beginning to develop a portfolio for Advanced Placement drawing and / or Advanced Placement 2-D exams with the College Board. Personal style emerges through the selection of media, subject matter and art form used to solve visual problems. Sketchbook assignments, group critiques, and visuals are used to help students develop an aesthetic and visual vocabulary to assist in building a comprehensive portfolio.


Drawing & Design

Course number for Semester A & B = 6355/6356 

Students explore a variety of drawing media such as pencil, charcoal, marker, ink, and pastel to develop observational and rendering skills. Creative problem solving is emphasized as students explore the relationship between the elements of art and the principals of design in original compositions. If you love to draw or want to learn how to draw, this is a great class for you.