Using Naviance to Support Online Applications 

Many colleges are able to accept online documents in support of your application, such as official transcripts, school profiles, secondary school reports and letters of recommendation. It is recommended that every college applicant take advantage of this option to expedite their college application process. 


  • Step 1: Create a “Common Application” account. Go to:
    • Common Application User ID = MCPS 6 digit student ID number
    • Common Application Password = First letter of Last Name Capitalized and MCPS 6 digit student ID number 
  • Step 2: Log into your Family Connection account through Naviance Go to: 
      Naviance Family Connection User ID = Email address 
    • Naviance Family Connection Password = MCPS Six-digit student ID number 
    • Select the “College” tab and click on “Colleges I am applying to.” You will see a blue shaded box titled “IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE FOR COMMON APPLICATION.” Answer the questions about viewing your recommendations, releasing your transcripts and matching your Common Application Account. It is highly recommended that you check “yes” to waive your right to see/access recommendations, and it is essential if you want a counselor and/or teacher recommendation submitted online. Next, check the box to authorize the release of your records. At the bottom of the blue box, enter your COMMON APPLICATION student ID and password and click “submit.” Now your Common Application account should be matched to Naviance and you should see a blue box stating “Your Common Application username and password hace been stored to help locate your account when teachers submit their recommendations.” 
  • Step 3: Request teacher recommendations for your Common Applications 
    • Go to the “Colleges” tab and then select “Colleges I am applying to.” Scroll down the page for Teacher Recommendation. Use the Add/Cancel link to request a recommendation from a teacher who has agreed to write your recommendation. 
    • Be sure to speak to the teacher personally about writing your recommendation before requesting it through Naviance. 
  • Step 4: For each college you are applying to, request transcripts, counselor recommendations, and other supporting documents from the Counseling Services secretaries. It is your responsibility to let the secretary know which supporting documents are needed for each college, as well as the application deadline. Remember that all requests for supporting documents should be made at least 30 days before the application deadline.