College/Career Research and Development (CCRD)

[PDF]  Syllabus

Career Program of Study (POS)

The Program of Study (POS) provides students with a planned, sequential program that blends academic, technical, and workplace skills to prepare for college or a career. The POS contains a minimum of four credits and includes relevant courses and a capstone experience.

CCRD POS includes:

Grade 10 or 11

CCRD A and B (1.0 Credit)

Grade 12

Career Seminar A and B

1.0 Credit Site-Based Work Experience A and B (2.0 Credits)

Course I - College/Career Research and Development A/B (8092/8093) .5 credits

Students research current career information for successful career planning and management. Students develop self awareness, career awareness, financial literacy, communication and indispensable work-related knowledge and skill sets. A variety of career and interest assessments, as well as portfolio development, demonstrating workplace and academic readiness, prepare students for college and careers. Grade Levels 11-12 If not used for Career Completer, students may take either semester or both. Units of Study include: Goal Setting, Personality Surveys, Career Exploration, Post Secondary Plan, Job Applications, Ethics, Resumes and Cover Letters

Course II—Career Seminar A/B (8065/8066) .5 credits

These 0.5 credit courses teach how to effectively manage career and educational choices through incorporating employment, education, and training goals.

They build financial literacy skills and integrate the Maryland's Skills for Success competencies. Students complete a career portfolio that demonstrates proficiencies in workplace readiness, personal financial management, personal growth and development, and employment experiences.

Grade Level 12

Mandatory Corequisite: Site-Based Work Experience A/B(5441/5442)

Students may take this course for one or two semesters.

Units of Study include: Budgeting, Saving, Leadership, Etiquette, Diversity, College Applications, Financial Aide, Investing.

Course III—Site Based Work Experience DP(5441/5442) 1.0 credits

Students participate in a site-based experience in conjunction with the career seminar class. Students work directly with industry professionals in a career of interest, while refining career goals and postsecondary plans. Student work sites must be approved and supervised by the teacher. 

Site-based learning must take place during school hours to allow for required work-site supervision by the teacher. To earn credit for double period, students are required to have a minimum of 135 hours of work experience per semester. 

Mandatory Corequisite: Career Seminar A/B (8065/8066) 

Students may take this course for one or two semesters.

CCRD Topics

First Quarter: Self-Awareness Second Quarter – Career Awareness and Exploration

Introduction to CCRD 


Holland Code

Multiple Intelligences


Learning Styles

Myers Briggs


Goal Setting

Decision Making

Career Clusters 

Career Research

Career Plan

Post-Secondary Education Research and Plan

Third Quarter – Job Seeking and Advancement Fourth Quarter – Job Seeking and Advancement

Job Search 

Job Applications

Resumes and Cover Letters


Follow Up Letters and Methods


What to expect when starting a new job 

Desirable Employee Characteristics

Workplace Safety

Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Workplace Ethics


College/Career Seminar

First Quarter – Job Transition Second Quarter – Job Transition

Post-Secondary Plan 

Change – Who Moved My Cheese

Workplace Health and Stress

Conflict Resolution




Teamwork and Leadership 

Professional Communication Skills (business writing, speaking, listening)

Asking for Raises and Leaving a Job

Your Attitude – FISH!

Third Quarter – Financial Literacy Fourth Quarter – Financial Literacy




Banking (Checking Accounts, Electronic Banking, ID theft)

Credit Cards 



Renting vs. Owning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




FACT: You must pass College and Career Research and Development (CCRD) in order to enroll in SBWE as a senior.


FICTION: Students that take CCRD must enroll in SBWE in their senior year.


FACT:  CCRD is a great elective for ALL students, especially juniors, and not just students that want to take SBWE. In CCRD you will learn all about your interests, abilities, aptitudes, values, multiple intelligences and learning styles. You will then use that information to research careers and post-high school education opportunities. You will also learn how to look for and apply for a job, how to fill out applications, create resumes and cover letters, and how to interview for jobs. Finally you will learn about procedures you must follow when you are hired such as filling out tax forms and work permits and how to read a pay check. You see, this class is for EVERYONE!




1. Students enrolled in SBWE must be seniors.


2. Students in SBWE will have SBWE as their 6th and 7th period classes.


3. SBWE students will five classes at school in the morning. These classes will be selected in consultation with your counselor and parents.


4. Students that have five classes must leave school by (12:45) on days with a regular bell schedule).


5. On rare occasions, some students will have a 6th and maybe even a 7th period class at school and still be enrolled in SBWE. If this is the case, the student must leave school as soon as his/her last class is over AND is still responsible for meeting all of the requirements for SBWE.


6. For some students, SBWE is a graduation requirement. It is usually the program completer requirement for students that have not passed two years of a world language, or two years of advanced technology education, or two years of advanced computer classes.


7. All students enrolled in SBWE will also be enrolled in College and Career Seminar (CCS). Students must have passed CCRD in order to be enrolled in CCS.


8. CCS cannot be taken as an elective. It is only open to students enrolled in SBWE.


9. Students in SBWE are required to be employed in a position in which the student receives a payroll paycheck and has the appropriate federal, state, and OASDI taxes withheld.


10. Students may NOT work directly for an employer that is a relative of the student.


11. Students under 18 years old must obtain a Maryland Work Permit and be employed according to all guidelines set forth on the Work Permit and the State of Maryland Department of Labor. These requirements are discussed in the CCRD course.


12. Students are expected to work in Montgomery County unless their job site outside of the county is approved by the SBWE teacher.


13. The SBWE teacher reserves the right, with cause, to deem a place of employment as unacceptable for the program.


14. As a graded requirement for SBWE, all students, regardless of when they leave school for the day, are expected to work a MINIMUM of eight hours per school week.


15. As a graded requirement for SBWE, all students, regardless of when they leave school for the day, are expected to work a MINIMUM of 135 hours per semester and 270 hours per school year.


16. Students are required to bring in their pay stubs that they receive during the school year so the SBWE teacher can record the number of hours worked each pay period by students. Students will simply show the pay stub to the teacher. The teacher will not keep or hold onto the pay stub.


17. Hours worked in one semester do not “carry over” to the next semester.


18. The SBWE teacher will contact each student’s job site at least one time per semester. Every effort will be made to visit the student during the student’s work hours.


19. Students are required to turn in MCPS Form 280-83 by the last day of school while enrolled in CCRD. This form is an MCPS requirement in order to be enrolled in SBWE.


20. Students are required to provide their own transportation to and from work.


21. Students must be OFF SCHOOL GROUNDS during their SBWE periods. During these periods when students are not working, the student’s parents are responsible for the students.


22. All questions about the SBWE program should be directed to Ms. Nicole Brown 301.989.6092 or Nicole_B_Brown@mcpsmd.org

Contact Information


Nicole Brown , CCRD Teacher

Springbrook HS

201 Valleybrook Drive

Silver Spring, MD 20904

Phone: 301.989.6092

Fax: 301.622.1875

E-mail: Nicole_B_Brown@mcpsmd.org