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The mission of the Springbrook Career Center is to support and prepare a diverse collaborative community of learners for the challenges and reward of the 21st century. We provide a comprehensive program that includes individual and group academic achievement, foster personal growth, and interpersonal relationships. We adhere to rigorous high standards designed to promote curiosity, innovative, self-discipline, effort, responsibility, and respect as life-long learners.


Springbrook educators are professionals who advocate academic, intellectual, social and emotional growth for their students, enabling them to make optimal choices for their futures.

Contact Information


Information Coordinator: Ms. Tammy Patterson

Phone: 301-989-6057



Please stop by to inquire about scholarship information. Last year the Class of 2015 Scholarship amount was: over $14 Million.   Many opportunities are available for EVERY student.

  • Colleges whose mission is to specifically educate students who have learning disabilities.
  • Colleges whose “student services” departments have good reputations for being strong in terms of providing robust services to students who have specific learning disabilities.

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