Dr. Art Williams, Principal


Dr. Williams has been in the field for 21 years, although he did not initially know he would end up in education. “My journey to education started when I was a sophomore at Millersville University. I was an undeclared major and I had an opportunity to work for a camp… I enjoyed the experience working with young people. I also thought about my experiences in high school. I had some great high school social studies teachers, and I always enjoyed social studies. So that made the decision for me to declare my major as a social studies teacher at the secondary level,” Williams said. He began as a social studies teacher at Gaithersburg High School and has spent the last five years as principal at Forest Oak Middle School, a MCPS school middle school in Gaithersburg. “My experience at Forest Oak has been exciting and has been a great learning experience for me. I think we’ve done some good work and a lot of people don’t know about the great things that Forest Oak does everyday… Over the past five years I’ve learned a lot about myself as a leader, I have grown,” Williams said. However, when the position for Springbrook’s principal opened up, it piqued his interest. He had met a number of Blue Devil alumni and noticed their love for this school. “The people I would run into had this little pride and talked about their time at Springbrook with such enthusiasm… So when Springbrook came open I started thinking about those conversations… I was so happy that I was selected to interview,” Williams said. On May 10, the MCPS Board of Education officially selected Williams to be the next blue devil principal. As he prepares to move from a middle school of about 800 to a high school over 1500 students, he has already begun thinking about what he’d like to do at the Brook. “The first thing I want to accomplish is build relationships with parents students and staff. I want to really get to know the people,” Williams said. Overall, Williams wants the best for Springbrook students. “I’m a father of two boys, Caleb and Asher… I know what I want for Caleb and Asher, and I want to make sure that every student has great caring adults around them as well, like I know already exists at Springbrook,” Williams said. Springbrook students are anxious for Williams’s arrival. “It’s definitely going to be new... I think it will be great and hopefully he will fit right in with Springbrook and continue to improve our school,” junior and SGA corresponding secretary Tyla Holoman said.


Mellie Mesfin 

May 20, 2016, Springbrook Blueprint