Summer Homework


Hello Parents!

It’s hard to believe summer is here already! Lots of research shows that students who read over the summer maintain their progress and can even improve their reading over the summer. Sadly, students who do not read during the summer are more likely to lose some of their hard earned progress before the start of the next school year.

This summer we want to help your child maintain their reading progress by encouraging them to keep track of the time they spend reading over the summer. This year for Academy students we are using Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge as a fun way for students to record their reading time. For Immersion students, we will use our traditional paper log and postcard system. We recommend 20 minutes of reading a day to keep those “reading muscles” working!

Below you will find a paper log in French and English as a way to record your minutes as well if more convient for your family. Students who read 800 minutes throughout the summer will be invited to a Summer Celebration in the fall. Most of all, have fun reading this summer!!

Stacy Miller
Reading Specialist

Here are the links for the Academy students: 

Look for your child’s individual student login information in their take-home folder or email for their login information:
Rising 1st Graders:

Rising 2nd Graders:

Rising 3rd-5th Graders:

Or use this paper reading log: Summer Reading Log english  

Here are the links for French Immersion Packets:

Summer Reading english (for parents)
Summer Reading french Summer Post Card french Summer Reading Log french (for students)



Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your support with our Summer Math Program this year! As you likely will notice, we’re switching things up a bit this year. In place of the Math calendar we’ve used the past few years, we’re going to ask you to maintain a Math Log which will mirror the Reading Log. Our goal for students will be to participate in at least 1 ½ hours of math related activities per week. These activities should be varied and help your child to show how much fun and how relevant math can be in their everyday lives.

For example- How many laps in the pool did you swim today or this week? How long did it take? How much faster were you than last week? How many total laps have you done? How many feet, miles or kilometers is that? How much more do you need to swim in order to get to Ocean City?

Students might graph pages read daily or by the week. They might graph daily temperature or hours of TV they watch. They could calculate how many minutes they’ve slept or what percentage of their day they slept. Have them figure out how much you can save at the store by buying sale items. (A win for the whole family! Maybe split the profits!) For more activity ideas visit-

We also highly recommend you have your child use some of the websites on the back of this page to hone their skills as well. Making sets of flash cards to practice with would also be great. (K-2 addition and subtraction, Grade 3 addition, subtraction and multiplication, 4-5 addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Students who bring in a parent or guardian signed log with at least an hour and a half per week documented will be invited to the annual Summer Math and Reading Celebration in early September. All work should be returned to your child’s teacher by Friday, September 7th, 2018 at the latest.

Visit the Sligo Elementary School’s website over the summer at if you misplace your copy of the log.

Have a great summer and thanks again for your support!

Diantha Swift

MATH LOG: summer math log


k-5 english math sites

k-5 french math sites