College Application Process

It is important that you read and follow all directions on each application.  

Transcript Request Form

This form requires a parent signature (unless you are 18) and permits the high school to release your records to the colleges you request. You can obtain a form from the Registrar, Mrs. Hernandez or Mrs. Killion. Make transcript requests at least three weeks (15 school days) in advance of the college application deadline. The first two transcripts are free, as are the mid-year and final transcripts. All other requests are $5.00 each. This covers the cost of all documents provided by Sherwood, the envelopes, and the postage. The packet that will be sent to the college includes your transcript, test scores, secondary school report, counselor recommendation, and the school profile. You will need to check in TCCi and see when your transcript was send to the colleges that you requested. Some universities, such as Penn State and Virginia Tech, require that we send this information together with your application. In other cases, you will send your application independently. Carefully review the directions and submit your entire application according to the college’s directions.

College Secondary School Report/Counselor Report

Most college applications include a section that your school counselor must complete. Please submit this section to the registrar when you request a transcript.

Student and Parent/Guardian Brag Sheets

In order for your counselor to complete the Secondary School Report and write a recommendation, each student should complete a Brag Sheet and parent/guardian should complete a Parent/Guardian Brag Sheet. These sheets provide detailed information about you that can be used in writing a recommendation. Make copies for teachers and submit your completed Brag Sheets to Mrs. Hernandez or Mrs. Killion when you request your first transcript.

Resume and/or Activity Sheet

A completed activity sheet or resume will allow you to highlight your accomplishments and skills. This should include meaningful hobbies and experiences.

Letter of Recommendation

Some colleges require letters of recommendation from teachers or other adults in the community. If your application requires a letter of recommendation, carefully decide whom you want to write a recommendation on your behalf and supply that person with a stamped envelope addressed to the college(s). Do not place a return address on the envelope(s). Teachers are often asked to write many letters; please speak to them at least three weeks before you need your letters. 

Mid-Year Report

Most colleges require a Mid-Year Report sent after the first semester of your senior year. If your college(s) require(s) this, please submit your request to Mrs. Hernandez or Mrs. Killion by Feb. 1. Do not place a return address on the envelope(s). There is no charge for this transcript.

Final Transcript

A stamped business envelope, addressed to the college that you will attend, is required for sending the final transcript in July. Please write your name in the left upper corner. Do not write a return address. Turn in this envelope to Mrs. Hernandez or Mrs. Killion before June 1. There is no charge for this transcript.