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The Rosemont Media Center provides access to ideas, information and learning opportunities that will enable each student to function effectively in an information-based society. Our media program facilitates access to information using both print and nonprint resources. Information Literacy skills are taught in the context of subject area content and with the following goals in mind:

  • guiding students in learning vital and responsible information processing skills
  • helping students develop a lifelong habit of reading
  • teaching students problem-solving techniques
  • developing lifelong learners


MCPS 21st Century Learning Spaces

Click on the link below to search Destiny, our on-line catalog!


Use your school ID number and password to open up the catalog.

Click on the "catalog" tab. Make sure the "location" line says "Rosemont". If not, use the drop-down menu to find Rosemont. Be sure the "material type" line reads "Any Type." Use the drop-down menu to change this if you must.

Then, browse our collection. PUT YOUR OWN HOLDS/RESERVES on from home by clicking the "Hold it!" button next to a book. Make sure the "Hold it!" message reads "As soon as possible" and click "save".

Black-Eyed Susan Program

Students in grades 1–5 participate in the Black Eyed Susan Program. This program is sponsored by the Maryland Educational Media Organization (MEMO) and exposes students to excellent literature.

The Black Eyed Susan Award honors outstanding books as voted on by students in the state of Maryland.

All students in grades 1–5 listen to a number of the picture books during their visits to the library. They must read or listen to at least eight titles in order to vote.

Students in grades 4 and 5 may choose to participate in the chapter book program. Students must read at least three titles in order to vote.

All voting will take place in March. Winners are announced in early May.


Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 may check out one book or magazine for two weeks at a time.

Students in Grades 2-5 may check out two books, or one book and one magazine, for two weeks at a time.

Students are responsible for paying for lost and/or damaged materials.


Remember that the words in books, magazines, and the computer are owned by the author who wrote them. You MUST put the information into your own words and/or give credit to the author.

How to Choose a Book

Think about a subject you enjoy or would like to know more about. Perhaps you would like to read another book by an author you have already enjoyed. Decide whether you want fiction or nonfiction. Use the patron's catalog to locate books (their call numbers). When you find the book, look at the cover and illustrations. Read the inside of the book jacket to learn more about the book. Read a page in the book. Use the five-finger rule to decide if the book is too easy or hard for you. If the book fits your need, go check it out! If not, put it back on the shelf in the right spot. Check the other books on the shelf to see if you can find a better choice.