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2018 Summer Workshops (Held at Rockville High School)

Rockville High School and Richard Montgomery High School 2018 Summer Workshops. All Workshops are FREE…Please Register at 


Due to construction in the counseling services office at RM this summer, Ms. Harris (at Rockville HS) and Ms. Hull (RMHS) have partnered and arranged for the following summer workshops.  All workshops will be held at Rockville High School!  If you are interested/available and want to attend any of these workshops, please register at


June 27th  Scholarships & Financial Aid   11:00 – 12:30

Do you know how or where to begin your search for FREE money for college?  Do you know the differences between the grant, scholarship or loans, and which ones are better?  Do you know a scam when you read one? During this workshop, Ms. Cynthia Hammond Davis, will explain these differences and show you how to apply to legitimate websites and organizations. Don’t lose this Free money!!


June 29th College Essay Writing Workshop   10:00-12:00

Students will start their Common App & UMD College Essays with the guidance of Ms. Laurie Adler. Students are asked to bring an outline, notes or a rough draft of their essays which can be retrieved from the Common App or the UMD web sites. Chrome books will be provided.


July 10th Common App  10:00 – 12:00

Katie Harding, Assistant Director of Admissions at   Stevenson University, will conduct our Common App Workshop. Seniors will be able to start their Common Application Account as well as merge this account with Naviance in order to process their college applications and request for recommendations.


July 11th Applying to College  10:00 – 12:00

Jennifer Ziegenfus, Acting Assistant Director of Admissions at Towson University, will discuss the College Application process through the eyes of the Admissions Representatives as they review your applications for admission. She will discuss the final Do’s and Don’ts before you submit your application.


July 17th Finding The Best Fit / What Should You Look For  10:00-11:30

Ms. MJ Breinholt will give a seminar on finding the college that is the best fit!  When developing your college list or making a final decision about where you’re going to college, the idea of “fit” is complex. You have to shed your ingrained way of shopping for “fit” and understand that there are many important, intangible and often unseen variables that must be considered beyond how a college campus looks and feels at a glance. You’ve probably heard of these common factors to consider: location of the college; size of the college; cost of the college; and, whether the college has your major. While these things are important, all students need to be better consumers, which means thinking about a host of other factors that you may not have given enough consideration to or are even familiar with. Interested in learning more, come learn about what makes for a great college fit, and get some tools to help you find a college where you can thrive.


July 18th Highly Selective College Admissions  10:30-12:00

Have you ever wondered what sets students apart when applying to the Ivy Leagues and other highly selected colleges? What are the admission representatives looking for when viewing those applications and what sets them apart from the rest?  Mr. Jordan Kanarek, Director of College Wise, will help you better understand and teach you some strategies as you begin your applications to these schools.


July 25th UMD/College Park Coalition  10:00-12:00

The University of Maryland has now become a part of the Coalition. Do you know what that means and how the new application process works for you at UMD? Did you know that UMD will be Coalition exclusive?  Jaclyn Kuhn, our Admissions Representative from UMD will be here to guide you through the new application process. Chrome books will be provided for students to start their application using this new system. Ms. Kuhn will also discuss the many changes and opportunities that are taking place at UMD/College Park.


July 26th Mock SAT/ACT   8:00-12:00

Kaplan will conduct a Free Mock SAT/ACT in preparation and review for the upcoming exams in August (SAT) and September (ACT). Students will receive their results immediately.


July 31st The College Interview  10:00 – 12:00

Do you know how to prepare for a college interview?  Do you know the essential components that make for a successful college interview? Mr. Jason Patel, Founder of TRANSIZON, will walk you through the steps and teach you how to feel more confident as you prepare for your upcoming college interviews.


August 14th Mock PSAT   8:00-12:00

Kaplan will conduct a FREE Mock PSAT exam in preparation for the upcoming PSAT in October.


August 15th Writing Great College Essays   10:30-12:00

Want to know the secret to writing a Great College Essay. Mr. Jordan Kanarek will teach you the strategies to put your thoughts and words together to create an eye catching essay that the admissions reps will not want to put down!!!!!


**Please keep checking your Naviance and as well as the Career Center Webpage for further updates and information.

RM Hybrid Summer School 2.0

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RM Hybrid Summer School Program 

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