In accordance with Maryland State Law, students in Montgomery County Public Schools are screened for possible vision and hearing problems. Trained hearing and vision screeners will be screening students new to MCPS, students in Grade(s) Kindergarten and Grade 1, and students referred by teachers because of possible signs of hearing or vision problems.

The screeners will be at our school on April 30th, May 1st, and May 2nd, with rescreening on May 30th.

Children who do not see clearly or are unable to hear what their teacher and classmates are saying have a harder time learning at school.

You will receive a referral form via US mail to take to your child’s doctor if your child fails the screening. If your child is already under care for a hearing or vision problem, or you do not wish your child to be screened at school because of conflicts with your religious beliefs, please notify the school nurse in writing.

If your child wears glasses or contacts they should wear them every day and bring them to the screening.
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