Montgomery County Public Schools has initiated mandatory child abuse and neglect prevention training for all volunteers.  Volunteers are defined to include parents/guardians and other family members, as well as other members of the community, who donate their time and energies to support the students of Montgomery County, subject to the provisions set forth in MCPS Regulation IRB-RA, Volunteers in Schools.  Volunteering also includes chaperones on filed trips. 


All volunteers must complete online training on the prevention, recognition and reporting of child abuse and neglect.  Volunteers may access the training, "Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: for Volunteers and Contractors," by visiting  the "Child Abuse and Neglect" page of the MCPS website.   The link for training can be found at:


Upon completion of the training, volunteers will receive an email confirmation to verify the completion of the online training module.  Please bring, or send in, a hard copy of the email confirmation to the main office to verify completion of the online training module. The office will create a database of who has completed the training and notify the appropriate classroom teachers.   


Thank you for your attention to this new MCPS requirement.  Please note that the training must be completed before volunteering in the school or going on a school sponsored field trip.  We hope all of our wonderful volunteers complete this training and will continue to share their time and talent with us during the school day!  If you have any question at all please do not hesitate to contact  RCV Principal, Kevin Burns, with questions.


Thank you! 


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