Bus Routes Current School Year

Please note!! Your child may ride a different bus in the morning than in the afternoon.
Likewise the bus stop location in the afternoon may be different.
Be sure to check both arrival and departure documents! 

If the bus number starts with a 2 like 2832 that is the Clarksburg Annex Depot - 240.740.4720

If the bus number starts with a 4 like 4879 that is the Shady Grove North - 301.926.4179

If the bus number starts with a 5 like 5888 that is the Shady Grove South - 301.840.8150.


  Letter from MCPS Department of Transportation to all students and parents  (Spanish) Updated 8/1/18

  List of Days there are NO 4:30 Buses!  (Updated 8/1/2018)

Poolesville Local Students 
Updated 8/16/18
Out of Area Students
Arrival Bus Routes  Out of Area Arrival Bus Routes 
2:30 Departure Bus Routes   2:30 Departure Bus Routes  
4:30 Departure Bus Routes   4:30 Departure Bus Routes


If you have any questions please contact the appropriate transportation number using the rubric listed above.

Permission form for Study Time Junior and Senior students. (Updated 8/27/18)

All students who would like to ride a local bus (routes 2201-2211) other than the one to which they are assigned must bring a written request, including the reason and parent/guardian signature, to the main office. Staff will validate the request and return the note to the student who will present it to the driver of the requested bus. Students wishing to depart the bus at John Poole Middle School must ride route 2206. If any bus is full, the driver may deny the request.  

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