MCPS Online Services

Montgomery County Public Schools subscribes to many online services to help provide students access to resources that will support their learning. Read the descriptions carefully to decide which resource is best for your purpose. (*You will need the passwords to access these sites from home. See Ms. Chambers for the passwords.)

SIRSSIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discoverer provides access to articles from periodicals like Scholastic, Time For Kids, Boys Life, Highlights and Ranger Rick. Articles are arranged by subjects, but you can also search by key words.

World Book Online!

World Book Online is a general encyclopedia with informational articles about many topics. Use the text features to help you decide what part of the article to read.

SchoolmateNewsbank InfoWeb: SchoolMate KidsPage

Newsbank's Schoolmate KidsPage is an online newspaper and magazine database for students in grades 2 and up. Primary source information that covers virtually all subject areas and is updated daily. This is a good place to look for current events.

New BookNew Book of Knowledge

New Book of Knowledge is an online encyclopedia specifically for elementary students.

AP PhotoAP Photo Archive

Are you looking for a picture to include in your report or presentation? AP Photo Archive is an electronic library containing the AP's current photos and a selection of pictures from their 50 million image print and negative library.