AAA Math: Geometry 
These pages teach geometry facts covered in K8 math courses. Each page has an explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about geometry.

Math Lab: Geometry 
This site links to a variety of interactive sites that involve shapes, tangrams, tessellations, angles, and geometry word problems. Click on tangrams to solve tangram puzzles online!

Cool Math for Kids: Geometry 
Visit this site to learn about tessellations, congruency, and angles. Each lesson has bright, colorful examples and clear explanations.

Perimeter and Area of Polygons from Math Goodies 
This comprehensive learning module includes examples, diagrams, and exercises. It includes a group of lessons and interactive practice and challenge exercises with feedback.

Exploring Geometric Solids: NCTMIlluminations 
This tool allows you to learn about various geometric solids and their properties. You can manipulate and color each shape to explore the number of faces, edges, and vertices. Be sure to read the directions to see how the tool works. For a challenge, print the activity sheet that goes with the site.

Mirror Tool-NCTM IlluminationsMath-let 
Use this tool to investigate symmetry. Be sure to click on "instructions" to see how each function in the tool works.

Shape, Space and Measure from BBC Learn about shapes and angles with the activities, fact sheets and interactive quizzes on this animated site.

Shape Tool: NCTM IlluminationsMath-let 
Explore shapes, slides, flips, turns and symmetry by creating your own picture.

Help the turtle find the shortest path to the pond while improving your skills in estimating length and angle measurement.