Class of 2020

Important Contacts

Ms. Mildred Charley-Greene

12th Grade Administrator
Mr. Delmer Padgett

College and Career Coordinator
Ms. Michelle Snape

Message from the Counseling Department:

 Hello Class of 2020,

 It's hard to believe but you guys are now the top dogs in the building! That means it's time to start thinking about what your plans are for life after high school - college, career, military or a gap year. Whatever you see for your future, your counselor is here to help! And to that end, we encourage you to get started.  Click your counselor's  link below to schedule your Senior Graduation Conference. Sign up only one student per time slot, and add a reminder of  your appointment on your calendar . You can bring your parents if you'd like and if they can't come because of work schedules, that's okay. We can still meet. 


12th Grade Alphabet

Ms. Carolyn West-Gipson   


Ms. LeKishia Stewart

O-Ri & ESOL 3-5  (A-L)

Ms. Christine Cappuccilli


Dr. Maureen Q. Ponce

ESOL 3-5 (M-Z)

Ms. Ann Haughton- Pending


Ms. Danielle K. Viswanathan