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Welcome to the Northwood High School Counseling Services.


We, the School Counseling Department at Northwood High School, aim that our diverse community of students become fully integrated, functional, and productive members of a global society.


We, the School Counseling Department at Northwood High School advocates for an equitable educational experience where all students can gain the necessary skills to cultivate their social/emotional, academic, and career development.


Regarding Students: 

  • Every student will leave Northwood with the necessary academic, career, and social/emotional skills to continue flourishing. 
  • Every student at Northwood has the capacity to learn and therefore, access to a rigorous educational experience is available to all. 
  • Supporting the “whole child” in their growth and development is a critical role for school counselors. 
  • School counselors provide a space for student voice. 
  • “All students” mean all students therefore, school counselors work to equitably develop their academic, social/emotional, and career self.

 Regarding Teacher/Administrators: 

  • School counselors collaborate with teachers and administrators to provide the necessary educational programming for students to excel. 
  • School counselors unite with teachers and administrators to facilitate students’ success. 

Regarding Parents: 

  • School counselors forge effective partnerships with families. 
  • School counselors encourage parent voice in supporting students’ growth. 

Regarding the Educational Process: 

  • All students should have a school counselor who advocates on their behalf. 
  • School counselors contribute to a positive school climate by providing a supportive, and nurturing environment for all students.
  • School counselors continually analyze data, reflecting, to make necessary upgrades in counseling programs and services. 
  • School counselors are school leaders who facilitate a positive educational experience for all students through use of best practices and evidence-based interventions.

Registration Information for 2019-2020 School Year

Registration Cards (Grades 10 -12)

Please click on the links below to view the registration directions and the registration card. Parents may review and edit course selection through the MYMCPS portal by following the registration link after logging in. Parents may also reach out to their student’s school counselor with questions.

Registration Directions
Registration Card

Incoming Grade 9 

Registration Presentation
Registration Card

Follow The Counseling Department on Social Media

Please follow the Northwood counselors at @NWcounselors on Twitter or @NHS_Counseling on Instagram. You can also scan the attached QR codes to reach the pages.

Student Appointment Request

Attendance and participation in class is an important criteria for academic success, therefore, we discourage students from missing instructional time to meet with their counselor. Students may see their counselor without an appointment before and after school, and/or during lunch. All other times should be arranged via appointment. To schedule an appointment with your Counselor, please click the below link and complete the form. Please check your email for your schedule date and time. Counselors are available from 8:00 a.m. -2:45 p.m. (Closed for lunch 12:30-1:00 pm). Your appointment request will be scheduled within 24-48 hours or the next business day. If you feel you are in crisis, please DO NOT FILL THIS FORM and call Maryland Youth Crisis Center. It is a free, 24-hour hotline, at 1.800.422-0009. Your call will be connected to the crisis center nearest to you. If you are in an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Click this link to request your appointment: Student Appointment Request

La asistencia y participación en clase es un criterio importante para el éxito académico, por lo tanto, desalentamos a los estudiantes de perder tiempo de instrucción para reunirse con su consejero. Los estudiantes pueden ver a su consejero sin cita previa antes y después de la escuela, y / o durante el almuerzo. Todos los demás horarios se deben hacer con cita previa. Para hacer una cita con su consejero, haga clic en el enlace y complete el formulario. Por favor revise su correo electrónico para la fecha y hora de su horario. Los consejeros están disponibles de 8:00 a.m. a 2:45 p.m. (Cerrado durante el almuerzo 12: 30-1: 00 pm). Si sientes que tiene uns crisis, NO LLENE ESTE FORMULARIO y llame al Maryland Youth Crisis Center. Es una línea gratuita, disponible las 24 horas, al 1.800.422-0009. Su llamada se conectará al centro de crisis más cercano a usted. Si se encuentra en una emergencia, llame al 911 o vaya a la sala de emergencias más cercana.

Has un clic aquí para solicitar tu cita: Student Appointment Request

2019-2020 Counseling Service Department Breakdown

Dr. John Rynn Professional School Counselor 9th Grade A-Me (Class of 2023)
Ms. Lekishia Stewart Professional School Counselor 9th Grade Mi-Z (Class of 2023)
9th-12th ESOL 3, H-Z
9th-12th ESOL 5
Ms. Christine Cappuccilli Professional School Counselor 10th-12th Grade: A-C
Ms. Danielle Viswanathan Professional School Counselor 10th-12th Grade: D-I
Mrs. Ann Haughton Professional School Counselor 10th-12th Grade: J-N
Ms. Fanny Ballard
(Monday all day, Wed, Thurs, Fri AM only)
Professional School Counselor 10th-12th Grade: O-Ra
Social Emotional Support Program
Mrs. Carolyn West-Gipson Professional School Counselor 10th-12th Grade: Re-Z
Dr. Maureen Ponce Resource Counselor 9th-12th ESOL 4
CREA Program
Ms. Elsie V. Velazquez
(Monday, Thursday, & Friday at Northwood)
Professional School ESOL Counselor ESOL 1-2
9th-12th ESOL 3, (A-G)
METS Program
Ms. Michelle Snape College and Career Information Coordinator
Ms. Judith Kahn School Registrar
Mrs. Aracelly Gonzalez Counseling Secretary
Mr. Adam Bloom Pupil Personnel Worker

Parent Appointment Request

If you need to schedule an appointment with your student's Counselor, please complete this form. Please check your email for your schedule date and time. Counselors are available from 8:00-2:00 pm (Closed for lunch 12:30-1:00 pm)

Click this link to request your appointment: Parent Appointment Request

Si necesitan hacer cita con el/la Consejero (a) de su estudiante, por favor aplaste el siguiente enlace y complete el formulario. Por favor chequee su correo electrónico para ver el fecha y hora de su cita. Consejeros estas disponible de 8:00 -2:00 pm (Cerrados en la hora de almuerzo 12:30-1:00 pm).

Has un clic aquí para solicitar tu cita: Parent Appointment Request

504 Intervention Plans

Parents – Here is the page with all the 504 Intervention Plan information for you. It is up to date and ready to use!


Naviance is a web-based tool that provides self-discovery activities and lessons to help students explore and plan their college and career goals. Students can discover their individual strengths and talents, explore career and college options, and research the high school courses they need to reach their goals. Naviance link:  

Withdrawing from Northwood High School

To ensure that the proper procedures are followed when withdrawing a student from Northwood, the parents/guardians need to contact the registrar, Judith Kahn, three days before the student's last day of school. The registrar may be contacted by phone at 301-649-8277 or by email at

Graduation Requirements

High school graduation requirements are the conditions that MCPS students must meet in order to graduate and receive a diploma. View graduation requirements here.

Honors Courses

Honors, Advanced Placement, and Advanced-Level courses provide rigorous and challenging studies for highly able and potentially high-achieving students who are capable of pursuing rigorous and challenging instruction. These courses provide content and instruction that match students’ abilities, achievement levels, and interests. Students enroll in individual Honors, Advanced Placement, and Advanced-Level courses and not in an Honors program as a whole.

Make-Up Homework

Follow these procedures to request homework from school for illness-related absences of more than three days.

1. Contact your student's Counselor via email- NHS Counseling Department Home Page
2. Complete the online Google Form “Assignments Request": Student Assignments Request
3. Counselors will collect homework and make it available for you to pick up.
4. Counselors require 24-48 hour notice to prepare packets of missed homework.
5. Counselors will provide this service only for absences of 3 days or more due to illness.
6. Do not forget to contact the Attendance Office 301-649-8166 to report your student absent for the time assignments are being requested.

Cómo solicitar tareas

Siga estos procedimientos para solicitar tareas de la escuela por ausencias relacionadas con la enfermedad de más de tres días.

1. Póngase en contacto con el consejero de su estudiante por correo electrónico NHS Counseling Department Home Page
2. Llenar el siguiente formulario para solicitar asignaturas: Student Assignments Request
3. Los consejeros recogerán las tareas y las pondrán a su disposición para que las recojan
. 4. Los consejeros requieren un aviso de 24-48 horas para preparar los paquetes de tarea perdida.
5. Los consejeros proporcionarán este servicio solo cuando las ausencias son de 3 días o más debido a una enfermedad.
6. No se olvide llamar a la Oficina de Asistencia 301-649-8166 y reportar ausente a su estudiante por el periodo de tiempo que usted esta solicitando asignaturas.

Career Table Set Up

Welcome to Northwood High School. If you need are interested in setting up a table to represent your organization during lunch time, please complete this google form: Career Table Set Up. Please check your email for your schedule date and time. For further questions, please contact Mrs. Gonzalez at 301-649-8270 or Ms. Snape at 301-649-8513.


Lawful or Excused Absences According to state regulations, absences from school for the following reasons will be excused:

1. Death in immediate family
2. Illness of student
3. Court summons
4. Medical appointments
5. Violent storms
6. Authorized work activities
7. Religious holidays
8. State emergency
9. Suspension
10. Lack of authorized (MCPS) transportation

Please remember that students have three (3) days after returning to school from being absent to present a note to the attendance secretary excusing the absence. Remember that three (3) unexcused tardies equals one (1) unlawful absence.

If your student is absent, please contact the Attendance Office at 301-649-8166.


Ausencias legales o justificadas de acuerdo con las regulaciones estatales, las ausencias de la escuela por las siguientes razones serán justificadas:

1. Muerte en familia inmediata (madre, padre, hermano)
2. Enfermedad del estudiante
3. Citación judicial del estudiante
4. Citas médicas
5. Tormentas violentas
6. Actividades de trabajo autorizadas
7. Vacaciones religiosas
8. Emergencia estatal
9. Suspensión
10. La falta de transporte autorizado (MCPS)

Recuerde que los estudiantes tienen tres (3) días después de de estar ausentes para presentar una nota de justificación de ausencia a la secretaria de asistencia para poder excusar la ausencia. Recuerde que tres (3) tardanzas injustificadas equivalen a una (1) ausencia ilegal.

Si su estudiante está ausente, comuníquese con la Oficina de Asistencia al 301-649-8166.

Document Requests for Former Students

Student records are kept at Northwood High School for four years & then sent to MCPS Central Records in Bethesda.

If you graduated or withdrew in the past four years, you will need to contact the registrar in advance. Judith Kahn can be reached at or by calling 301-649-8277. Many documents can now be sent electronically which can expedite your request.

If you graduated or withdrew more than 4 years ago, you will need to contact MCPS Central Records at 301-320-7301. The Student Record Request Form (226-8) can be found the Montgomery County Public Schools website.

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