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    Into the Book
    A reading comprehension resource for K-4 students and teachers. The  focus is on eight research-based strategies: Using Prior Knowledge, Making Connections, Questioning, Visualizing, Inferring, Summarizing, Evaluating and Synthesizing.
    Carl's Corner
    Phonemic Awareness
    ManateeIncludes games, activities, worksheets to help students practice elements of phonemic awareness
    Comprehensive site with links to a wide variety of activities for different grade levels  
    Songs for Teaching 
    List of books that motivate children to think about sounds by using songs 
    Early literacy screener, games, literacy checklists, and skill-building activities  
    Patti's Phonemics 
    Features easy-to-implement activities for phonemic awareness instruction


    BBC - Words & Pictures 
    Site provides systematic phonics program for young children~ online games and activities
    Scholastic's Phonics
    Outlines the progression of phonics competencies for preschool-6th  grade 
    Nonsense Word Test (PDF)
    A very quick and easy-to-use assessment to assess students' strengths and areas of need
    Placement Language
    Site allows teachers to develop an individualized phonics program for students
    Adrianbruce Reading Games
    Site offers a variety of activities that focus on the rules of phonics


    Reader's Theater
    Sites feature downloadable scripts for children of various ages
    Jim Wright Online(PDF)
    Site presents very easy-to-follow guidelines for training students to implement paired reading activities
    Poetry 4 Kids
    Website includes thousands of poems for all grade levels

    Kinder Korner
    Website provides extensive list of books to read aloud to all ages
    Lesson Plan Central - vocabulary
    Website provides diverse and creative methods for grades 1-5
    Tampa Reads
    Site includes downloadable lists of  high frequency words (grades 1-5)
    Tech Teachers 
    Site features multiple links to unique and motivating activities

    Text Comprehension

    Website provides lists of award-winning children's books, & links to comprehensive teacher resources
    Free, motivating reading program that encourages independent reading at all levels
     Curry Ed
    Comprehensive collection of links to a wide assortment of all reading strategies
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