Office Team


Special Education Team    

 Special Ed Team FY19
Ms.Christine Ruszczyk and Ms. Alison Reside


Pre-K and Head Start Team   



Kindergarten Team   


First Grade Team      

 Gr 1 FY19
Ms. Kopf, Ms. Tucker, Ms. Phillips, Ms. Cage-Rice, Ms. Floyd, Ms. Baskett
Ms. Frazier & Ms. Sellman 


Second Grade Team


Reading Team    


Math Team    



Specials Team                                

Ms. Allou,  Mr. Meyers, Ms. Niven & Mr. Herron

ESOL Team 

Ms. Stuckey, Ms.
Ms. Twinning, Ms. Yoo, Ms. Smith, Ms. Edwards, Ms. Waters
Ms. Baah, Ms. Christos & Ms. Paulo

Counseling Team 


Library Media Center Team 

Ms. Breedlove - Media Assistant & Ms. Allou - Library Media Specialist

HS/PreK Paraeducator Team  

  HS para FY19
Ms. Claudia Gomez, Ms. Angela Romero, Ms. Olga Coronel, Ms. Sonja Romero, Ms. Rosie Vigil

Food Services Team  


Building Services Team 




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